Steam & Sorcery ~ Combat

Physical Combat

1. Combatants form Combat Coin Pools from the following:

  • Silver Body Coins (Quarters equal to current Body Stamina level)
  • Copper Coins from appropriate Archetype and Weapon/Item bonuses.

2. Combatants toss their coin pools at the same time into separate spaces (visible to all). The one with the most successes (heads) wins the turn. The loser of the turn removes one silver coin from their Combat Coin Pool.

3. Repeat until one combatant loses all silver coins; this player then takes one point of damage to Body Stamina. The fight is over . . . for now.

Mass Combat

1. Mass Combat may be used for both Physical and Mental conflicts

2. When there are more than two combatants, each combatant must declare whom they are attacking on their turn.

3. To determine turn order, all combatants toss their Combat Coin Pool (both silver and copper) in separate spaces (visible to all); the person with the most successes goes first, and remaining order is determined by number of successes that each player tossed. This is the order of combat until the fight is over. 

4. If a combatant is targeted by more than one person, they must toss Combat Coins against each person attacking them even if it is not their turn to declare a target.

5. Combat continues until only allies (or one person) on the same side remain with silver coins.

Mental Combat

Not all conflicts are fisticuffs; many are resolved by a battle of wits, social sabotage, or even psychic attacks. 

Mental Combat is essentially the same as Physical Combat, but the Mind Stat is used in place of the Body Stat, and ultimate damage is recorded on the Mind Stamina tracker.

Mixed Combat

Some conflicts may involve combinations of physical, mental, and/or spiritual combat; this is why separate types of silver coins are used depending on the stat that they represent:

  • BODY – Quarters
  • MIND – Dimes
  • SPIRIT – Nickels

Combat may involve one combatant using physical combat while another is using combat magic; there may even be players using mental skills to alter the battle. In such situations, having distinct coins will help avoid confusion.


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