The Journal of Professor Downes (Exhibit D)

You entered the four-digit code and the book clicked open. Inside the journal were many sketches of hieroglyphics and maps for tombs and corridors. One page in particular caught your attention; the words “Lazarus Device” were underlined several times. On that page, Downes wrote about his discovery of a hidden catacomb behind a secret stone wall door adjacent to a chamber; he called it the “Tomb of Senwod.” The map showed how to find the catacomb, and detailed how he found a collection of sarcophagi unlike anything he had seen before; they were metallic with pipes and glowing gauges.

Whatever the reason was for the Brotherhood of Anubis to kill Professor Downes, it must have been something to do with the hidden catacomb. What was the “Lazarus Device”? Why did the Brotherhood want to destroy it? Or were they seeking to keep it? The answers surely laid with the dead in that pyramid.


  • Take a selfie in the booth, post it on social media, and tag the vendor.
  • Show this post to the Arbiter to gain an Experience Point.
  • Save the item card below to your phone and show it to the Arbiter to validate “Downes’s Open Journal” in your inventory. 
  • Use what is written in the journal as the code to Exhibit E.
  • Exhibit E is located at the arbiter station.

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