The Murder of Professor Downes (Exhibit C)

You definitely felt like you were being followed, and you were. A disheveled man in a cream linen suit stumbled toward you and called your name; it was Professor Downes!

“They’re after this!” he said with urgency through weak lips, “The Brotherhood of Anubis want to destroy the Lazarus Device, but Tesla needs to see it. We can cure them all! We don’t have to fear Death!”

Downes gasped with shock, and his eyes opened wide. He stumbled forward, a journal in his hand. Before falling to his knees, he clumsily forced the book into your grip. As Downes fell to the ground, you saw the dagger firmly lodged in his back. Downes was dead! The assassin sank into the shadows as a crowd of hysterical people gathered around the body. Behind them you could see several other masked people staring at you; was this the Brotherhood of Anubis? Thinking it best not to find out, you used the crowd to evade them and leave the market, but knew that it would not be the last time you saw them.



  • Take a selfie in the booth, post it on social media, and tag the vendor.
  • Show this post to the Arbiter to gain an Experience Point.
  • Save the item card below to your phone and show it to the Arbiter to validate “Downes’s Journal” in your inventory. 
  • Figure out the four-digit code that unlocks the book; ask the Arbiter for a hint.
  • This code is also the Password to Exhibit D.
  • Find Exhibit D in the vendor hall.

Assassins Everywhere!

There are definitely people on your trail! You have seen the same masked people spying on you from around corners. It’s possible that they might have already attacked you . . . and it is possible that more are hunting you!

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