Strange Trinkets in the Marketplace (Exhibit B)

You searched the market, but found no sight of the boy. You did, however, find a stall selling various trinkets, including one that looks a lot like the artifact the boy stole from Downes’s apartment.

Despite strongly suspecting that this is the stolen artifact, the shopkeeper insists, in broken English, that is part of his stock. Noting your interest in the item, he states a higher than usual price for it, but he waits for you to haggle with the price, a common practice in this marketplace.


  • Take a selfie in the booth, post it on social media, and tag the vendor.
  • Show this post to the Arbiter to gain an Experience Point.
  • Save the item card below to your phone and show it to the Arbiter to validate the “Egyptian Device” in your inventory. 
  • Ask the Arbiter for the Password to Exhibit C.

A Feeling of Being Watched

As you worked your way through the marketplace looking for the boy, you also had a sense that someone was following you. You caught glimpses in the corner of your eye, but when you turned to look, the person was gone . . . or blended into the crowd. Be careful as you proceed, you are a stranger in a strange land.

Chicago Steampunk Exposition