The Disappearance of Professor Downes (Exhibit A)

Having recently arrived in Giza to observe a new dig just west of the Pyramids, you had a scheduled appointment with Professor Downes who is overseeing a portion of the excavation. Downes was a college professor whom you remember fondly from Egyptology 101, but it has been many years now since you knew him. Several years ago, Downes left his teaching position after being offered an administrative role with the Museum of Cairo. Downes has worked hard to ensure that artifacts discovered in the digs remain in Egypt and out of the British Museum, but this has been a constant struggle.

When you arrived at the Museum, Professor Downes was not there. You waited outside his office, and waited, until a thick accented docent, who had passed you several time with her comings and goings, finally stopped and informed you that the Professor had not been in for two days now. Fortunately, you had the address of Downes apartment in Giza so you decided out of concern to visit him at home.

Upon arriving it was evident that foul play was at work; the door to his apartment was ajar, having been forcibly opened. You cautiously entered the room and saw that it had been ransacked. Worried that Downes had been attacked, and might be lying somewhere injured, or worse, you frantically searched the apartment, but found no sign of anyone there.

The apartment was completely deserted . . . or is it? While checking Downes’s bedroom, you heard something fall over in the front lounge. You rushed to see who, or what it was, and caught a glimpse of a young boy dressed in a ragged gallibaya robe, clutching a brass object, as he ran out of the door. You chased after him as he seemingly glided down the stairwell to the floors below. He was nimble and speedy, but you kept him in your sights, until outside he disappeared into a crowded bazaar across the street. You must enter the market to search for him and find out what object he stole from Downes’s apartment, and whether he knows anything about what happened to the professor.

  • Search the Teslacon Vendor Hall for the next step of the “Lazarus Device” mystery.
  • When you find “Exhibit B,” use the password bazaar to unlock the next clue.

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