1A. The Mystery Begins!

1A. The Mystery Begins!

Many delegates from the Fae World are traveling to Chicago for June 1893 to participate in cultural exchanges featured at the World Exposition. Ambassadors from the Pixie Realms, the Gnome Hills, the Satyr Valleys, the Elven Forests, and beyond have contributed to this month’s special exhibits and events. Even the Goblin Court agreed upon a truce to emerge from the underground and educate us about their ways . . . but something has gone wrong.

The Goblin King himself was supposed to be visiting the Exposition as a delegate of the Goblin Court but did not arrive. There is gossip and there are rumors, but no-one seems to know exactly what has happened. Ambassador Smorkle from the Goblin Court has been seen arguing with the Exposition Administration and he was overheard screaming “You assured us that security would be in place at all times!” before storming out of the room.

Using your observation skills, you are able to listen in on several conversations and piece together the word that will lead you to your first major clue.

YOUR MISSION – Find the four QR codes in the hallway outside the main stage in Mahogany, gather information, and collect the letters you will need to unlock the page to which this “First Clue” is linked.

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Chicago Steampunk Exposition