Exhibitor Hall Hours
  • TBA

A Variety of Exhibits

Chicago Steampunk Exposition will host a variety of Exhibitors that include vendors, artists, authors, and other quirky fellows on the Upper Level of the convention. The four main locations will be:

  • Artists Alley (in the Mahogany Foyer)
  • Exhibitors Alley (near the Atrium Lobby)
  • Exhibitor Hall (in the Mahogany Ballroom)
  • Printers Row (in the Ivory Foyer)

There is also a proposed Art Show in the Gallery (details coming soon).

Apply to be an Exposition Exhibitor

If you would like to apply for a spot in either the Exhibitor Hall, Artist Alley, or Printers Row, please CLICK HERE for our Exhibitor Application Form.

Chicago Steampunk Exposition