Crew of The Exposition

Crew of The Exposition



Program Director – Karen Bergquist Dezoma (

Around the World Track Manager – Eduardo Miguel Questell

Entertainment Director – Jeff Lee

Gaming Track Manager – Sandra Marshall Howard

Gothic Parlour Managers – Lynn Reidl & Zenobia Boszorkány

Maker Room Manager – Timothy R Harrison (

Steampunk Track Manager – Andre Malone-Mahdi

Theatre Track Manager – John Keefe

Administration & Technical


Business Manager – Catherine Haremski

Con Ops Manager – Greg Jenson (

Exhibitor Hall Manager – Samuel Birkenkamp (

Historical Consultant – Deb Miller

Marketing Manager – Jason Dean

Registration – Blair Peterson

Security – Quentin Love

Volunteer Coordinator – Patricia Marie-Lucille Bily

Sound Engineer – Timothy Lawrence

Exposition Crew Members


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Chicago Steampunk Exposition